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16 July 2010 @ 02:35 am
found my way back to san francisco 2 in the morning
upstairs home alone decide to take a shower so
im naked
and forget if i locked the door
so i walked down with the lights off
and the door was locked, but i knocked over both my bikes
(if anyone was outside they could see this through the windows)
so im trying to pick the bikes up but theyre connected and keep falling and pulling me down
i turn on the kitchen light and see a postcard from long beach
i get the bikes up and grab the postcard and run upstairs to read it.
she didnt talk to me at all during my trip, then i got her to text me back, then we've been texting every now and then, not nearly as much as before, practically nothing at all. but i guess its some progress. but when i saw the other day maybe its cause it was unexpected but it really threw me off and i knew i wouldnt have been able to say anything.